I’m just going to come right out and say it, belly fat has always been my trouble spot. Even when I competed, I remember feeling like that was the last thing to go.

 Over the years, I’ve tried many different things: reducing calories, running a half marathon, getting heavy into spin classes, cleanses, pills…the list goes on. I remember in my mid 20s going to a doctor and doing a metabolic breath test. The results showed my resting metabolism was 1100 calories, so I thought the only way I could lose fat was to eat 1100 calories a day. What a mistake! All I did was eat processed, low calorie foods, lowering my metabolism even more. I felt fatigued to the boot! But at the time, I didn’t know any better.

 Maybe you can relate to this. I hear stories from women with similar mindsets all the time. They’re scared to death of eating too much, thinking that just because something is high in calories that it’s bad, regardless of its nutritional value. Little do they know that they’re just circling down this spiral of making their metabolism worse by thinking and living like this.

 So, what’s the real trick to this stubborn fat that we can’t seem to lose?


It’s learning to work WITH our bodies, to work smarter. Now I know better and I want to make sure you do, too!


I’m sure you’ve heard from one or more traditional healthcare providers (including nutritionists) that you just need to eat less and burn more calories to lose fat.


  The problem with that phrase and mentality, while being technically true, is that it doesn’t take into account the internal and external factors that can impact our ability to efficiently eat and burn more calories.


 It can be the exact opposite of beneficial – it can be detrimental to our health.

  After being hit with some major digestive and adrenal issues a few years ago, I really dug into nutritional science and asked a million questions to my Functional Medicine practitioner. And now, I’m so grateful that we’ve added Frankie Leigh of Radiate Wellness to our Level Up Strength Society team! See more about how we work with Frankie to bring our clients more insightful & effective nutritional recommendations HERE.


 So, what does it mean to work smarter?


 Well, Frankie & I teamed up to dig into this. And listening is better than reading, right? So, catch the webinar replay here! https://youtu.be/w0mVCzQCYvY.




 Working smarter not harder to beat belly fat webinar with nutritionist Frankie Leigh.


 In a nutshell, if you’re stressed out most of the time, not regulating blood sugar well, and your adrenals are not functioning optimally, stubborn fat, particularly belly fat, will be an issue for you.


 I truly hope that you gain some great insight from this talk and make small actions to improve your body composition through lifestyle and nutrition upgrades. I hope that you choose to move away from the “working harder is better” mentality and learn to nourish your body rather than deprive it.


Personally, I’ve seen great results from lifestyle changes, improving sleep quality, circadian fasting & helping my body to be more fat adapted.


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 Amelia (& Alberto) @ Level Up Strength Society


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