Injury prevention and recovery is a crucial part of what we do at Level Up Strength Society. So naturally, we get a lot of questions about it. You might wonder, is it really possible to prevent injury? Of course, the answer is not entirely. But you CAN greatly reduce the chance of injury through proper training programming.


Most of you will know someone who’s injured themselves while working out, whether through running, cycling, or participating in a group workout class. Modalities such as group strength training (Cross Fit) and high intensity bootcamps are notorious for this – leaving people more battered and injured than when they came in.


Why is this?


Well, if we go back to the basics of human anatomy and adaptation, research and experience shows us:


  1. The body takes time to adapt to the stresses we put on it.
  2. Our bodies respond best to progressive overload of intensity, volume, and load.
  3. Rest is the time when our bodies recover.


So, what does this mean in layman’s terms?

Well, it means that:


  1. Going from no exercise to intense exercise is too large of a shift for your body. This leads to less long-term gain because you rob your body of the adaptation period. You are much more prone to injury.
  2. There is an increased risk of soft tissue injury because the tendons and ligaments have not been able to adapt to the stress you’re demanding of them.
  3. You have not developed that neural connection from your brain to your muscles. This means you’ll spend more time at a higher risk of injuring yourself because of bad form or technique.


So, what’s the best way to train to prevent injury?


  1. Incorporate strength training (here’s why…)
  2. Follow a professionally developed plan (like ours 💪🏽) that incorporates structural mechanics, joint health, progressive overload & periodization
  3. Emphasize lifestyle habits like stress management, sleep and proper nutrition
  4. Take the long-term, lifestyle change approach to your health & fitness and AVOID fad diets & workout plans like the plague!


And, if you do get injured, which still happens sometimes, read here for our tips on the best way to deal with injury.


Amelia (& Alberto) @ Level Up Strength Society


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