The Science Behind Building Strength and Muscle Growth

The Science Behind Weightlifting:

I’m going to share how the science behind building muscle and developing strength is a major key to achieving these physical qualities, how our clients have benefited, and how they have experienced significant improvements in and out of the gym.

Let’s say you received a unique piece of furniture along with a list of instructions on how to put it together. But you decided to skip the instructions and handle it all by yourself. During the process of assembly you realized the parts were out of order so you had to take the whole thing apart and start over. I can totally relate to this, because I’ve experienced this many times. It’s incredibly frustrating.

 Back to my point, putting together the furniture symbolizes you trying to reach your fitness goal. Piecing the furniture together without instructions is like navigating from one workout to another without the systematic approach, which is necessary to reach your goals. Without instructions, you are more likely to fail or completely start over. That can be a very discouraging position to be in.

Our methodical approach in designing our workouts is just like those instructions, it’s meant to help you navigate your fitness journey and show you the right steps to take, the right tools to use, and gradually put together that piece of “furniture” in the safest way possible. In this case, reach your fitness goals.

 You can conveniently find and do any YouTube workout, day after day (if you’re happy with that, cool, get that work-out in). But if you’re looking for specific results (i.e minimizing recurring injuries, building functional strength, gaining 10 pounds of muscle, improving athletic performance, hitting those blind spots, etc), then our science-based strength programs will serve as a roadmap to help you navigate through the difficulties and plateaus to your destination safely and with confidence. That’s how our evidenced-based methodology works and what it can do for you!

Proven Science-Based Methods of Lifting:

I’ll provide an example from my client Mike. He’s a dedicated racquetball player who plays 3-4x/week and has suffered from many recurring hip strains/injuries. He has never committed to weightlifting mostly because he was worried about failure. He was afraid of injuring himself, not getting his desired results, and of not holding himself accountable to showing up to the weight room.

To help him overcome those fears, he took a leap of faith and hired me. After 9 months of following my science-backed training system, he hasn’t experienced any hip issues since, he’s the strongest he’s ever felt, his confidence in the gym and on the court is at all-time high, and he’s no longer afraid to hit the weight room without the worry of injury. 

This is one example on how our science-backed methods have worked for our clients and I’m confident that it can help you get the results that you’re looking for. 

 If you feel you’re stuck in a rut OR if you’re like my client Mike, dealing with lack of confidence in the gym, come and learn the science behind building strength and muscle in our STRENGTH SOCIETY coaching group.  Click here to JOIN! 

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