What is a Metabolic Assessment?

Metabolic testing and body composition analysis: 

 We all know that having a healthy metabolism is key to optimal, healthy body composition. But how do you know that your metabolism is healthy?  What does that really mean? I want to tell you about a story of one of our clients who had been working really hard for about six months. She had made some progress in terms of her body composition, getting stronger, and doing all the right things. She was eating really well; getting plenty of protein, vegetables, and healthy fats. She remained consistent with her strength training and cardio. But her results continued to plateau and none of these external things that we were doing were making a difference. We decided that the next step was to give her a metabolic assessment test. Her results revealed to us was that she actually was suffering from digestive issues and microbial imbalances that were preventing her metabolism from working efficiently. Essentially, her body was responding by holding on to that fat. It also showed that she could not process nutritional fats properly. Ironically, a low carb diet or eating healthy fats was worsening her health because her body was not metabolizing fats efficiently. So that assessment was key to tackling the root of our client’s problem.

After adjusting her nutrition and supplement intake as recommended by our nutritionist, she actually dropped 15 pounds in about a month without drastically changing her exercise routine. She continued to do a little bit of strength training and used walking as her form of cardio. But ultimately, it was a change in her supplement intake and nutrition that really transformed her body composition. This story is a great example of how sometimes diet and exercise isn’t enough to achieve your desired results. A metabolic assessment can make a huge difference as it gives you a personalized look on the inside and give you clues on what your body needs to heal.

So what does a metabolic assessment examine and look for? It looks at about almost 80 different indicators in your urine that tell you what’s going on internally. Like our client we described earlier, it also analyzes the microbiome in your gut, specifically, the types (and amount) of fungi and bacteria present. Surprisingly, the types of microbes found in your gut can determine your overall health, including your metabolism, hormone regulation, inflammation, and ultimately your body composition.

The results from a metabolic assessment test are very comprehensive. It can determine how you metabolize protein, fats, and carbohydrates as well as analyzing your neurotransmitters (mental health) and other metabolic markers. Thus giving you and your healthcare professional clues into how to personalize your nutrition regime to make it as effective as possible.

 Once your metabolic assessment is complete, you have a clearer understanding on what is going on inside your body that is impacting your metabolism. It goes beyond tracking how many calories you burn, it reveals exactly how and why your body is functioning the way it is. It gives you the insight on where changes need to be made to improve your overall health.

As your coaches, we use that information to then modify your training and nutrition.You would be referred to our nutritionist and they will help you treat the root cause of your ailments through changing your nutrition and/or supplement intake. This incredible benefit is available to all our clients, including one-on-one clients and those who are part of The Strength Society group, our coaching membership.

What’s the next move?

So come join our online coaching, THE STRENGTH SOCIETY. Doing so will guarantee benefits beyond simply having access to a fitness coach and personalized workouts. You will have access to our functional diagnostic nutritionist, to take this metabolic assessment and receive quality advice that will treat any issue that prevents you from achieving your goal.

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