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3 Reasons you should TRAIN your glutes!

Building a big & strong set of Glutes may seem like something only Instagram influencers care about, but glutes are actually seriously functional! Every single person with legs should focus on strengthening their glutes. Everyone. Here’s why… 

The glutes are the pivot point in the middle of our body – they’re literally pivotal! If they’re tight or weak (usually both go together), then that sets off compensations in the upper and lower body, leading to faulty movement pattern and, in the end, pain and injury.  

Our modern day living includes so much sitting that the glutes spend so much time stretched that they become weak & unable to fire properly. So, even if you start using a standing desk or are on your feet a lot, your glutes have already been deactivated and weakened they’re going to have a hard time firing properly. 

Thus, this brings us to #1 – combatting modern daily sitting

In short, we spend so much time sitting that you should be focusing on counteracting that as much as possible! To do that you first have to make sure the glutes are firing, which is called glute activation. Once you’ve got that down & you can really feel them and control them, start to work on strengthening as at least 2-3 times/week to counteract sitting. 


#2 If your glutes aren’t active & strong you’re not progressing. Period.

You honestly could be creating more harm than good if your glutes aren’t active & engaged because most likely your other movers are compensating. Nearly all people we see with inactive & weak glutes have a weak core and tight hip flexors leaving them with achy knees and backs. So, if you want to feel and move better, especially 10-30 years down the road, you want to fix your hips.  

Moreover, if you’ve been bitten by the workout but and you’re looking to progress in strength training, or if you compete in any sport, whether it be golf, tennis, running, boxing or powerlifting, training your glutes is a must. The glutes are your powerhouse of movement for your whole body. If they’re not strong, nothing else will be. 


#3 Weak hips = injury

Weak glutes are one of the main causes of imbalances in the hips and lower back leading to many people dealing with “balance” issues and overly active low back muscles. Imbalances lead to movement compensation, which leads to injury. 

 Because the glutes are so pivotal, literally, imbalances lead to movement compensations in several directions. Glute weakness can lead to low back overuse, pelvic misalignment, hamstring tightness and weakness, core disengagement and thoracic misalignment. In the end, our legs, core & back cannot perform at their full potential while the glutes remain weak.

If you need some ideas, check out our 3 videos for glute exercises:

Cable Kick-backs 

Sumo Deadlift

Side Step-Up

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