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4 exercises for STRONGER traps!


For many gym enthusiasts, when it comes down to our upper body workouts,  we make the mistake of fixating  mostly on our bigger muscles that we can see in front of a mirror. Though all those anterior muscles are important to optimize your overall health and strength, the path to more strength and a balanced physique runs through the back and specifically the one muscle I’m referring to are the TRAPS. 

These muscles make up a good portion of our upper back. The trap muscles  influence the way the upper body operates like  retraction, depression and help to rotate the shoulder blades upwards, all of which are vital movements for all types of weight training exercises. So creating a strong and stable upper back will serve as a foundation towards optimal performance and health of your upper body in and out of the gym while minimizing common, frustrating shoulder problems and movement compensation. 

The traps thrive on exercise variations and strategic tension placement and many trap exercises involve working with other muscles like the shoulders and rhomboids.

Check out the exercises below to build stronger traps:

Barbell Shrug: 

OverHead Weighted Hold

Face Pulls

Y Raise

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