Hi! I’m Amelia. My husband, Alberto and I founded a strength coaching business called Level Up Strength Society in 2019 and love sharing our knowledge of health & fitness with others!

I have a M.S. in Chemistry, worked as a sales rep for a global chemical company for 9 years and am also a mother of 1 (with another on the way!) I have always loved the joy of creativity, this amazing body we have, and this astounding planet we live on.

I have lived all over the country, have performed as a bellydancer and ballroom dancer, love Chicago and growing my own food. I have been a #travelingbeastmode for 6 years, working out all over the country and competing in bodybuilding competitions while doing all of that plus juggling a 2 year old. I am now taking on my fitness business full time with my husband and am just ecstatic about this! I have been through chronic issues that have sidetracked my health and fitness (most likely because of all the travel unfortunately); I have been through SIBO, bacterial infections, parasites, Candida, and an Epstein-Barr virus flare up.