Accelerate your athletic

strength while minimizing




Accelerate your athletic

strength while minimizing




Optimize your strength with our strength training system so that you can dominate your sport


 bulletproof athlete

Strength Program

You don’t have to strength train to be an athlete, but to be a BETTER athlete, you MUST strength train. This program will improve your power, endurance, and balance so you can ENDURE THE REPETITIVE DEMANDS of your sport!

Are you working HARD in our sport but STUCK in a cycle of pain or injury & plateaued performance?

Break that cycle with the Bulletproof Athlete System! Many sports emphasize unilateral & repetitive movement, which can cause muscular imbalances & faulty movement patterns that lead to pain & injury (I’ve experience this myself). And each time you have pain & injury your performance suffers as you have to work around it.

Bulletproof Athlete takes you through phases & progression to properly strengthen stabilizing muscles & improve joint function and mobility so your body can better utilize the strength you are also building throughout the program

Here’s what you’ll get

– 6 months of workouts in our app so you have everything planned out & in one place!

– Where you track strength, endurance and physique progress in our app so you stay motivated & reaching your goals

– Keep track of your performance(stats) during your workout which will allow you to push your body further and make adjustments


– Demos and instructions for every exercise in our easy-to-use app so you never have to search for exercise videos again

– Clear & specific instructions on the parameters of each exercise (like tempo and rest) and training frequency so you know exactly what to do each day

– Foundational phases that strengthens stabilizing muscles so your body is more resilient to the demands of your sport and prevent major muscle injury

Progressive muscle building & strength phases that change every 3-4 week to produce amazing results while still emphasizing a healthy balance of unilateral strength

Bulletproof Athlete

For $150 today

build strength in the right places to minimize injury!

This program is designed for athletes like cyclists, runners, boxers and any sport that emphasizes unilateral movement.

The purpose of this program is to get you:

STRONGER: Besides giving you the ability to run faster or punch harder,  becoming stronger will ensure that you’re much sturdier in the right places so that your tendons and tissue can withstand the demands of your sport.

STRUCTURALLY BALANCED: Every Athlete deals with some sort of muscular imbalance. So this program helps strengthen those problem areas (imbalances) you so you don’t get sidelined by injury. Along with progressively build up your nervous system to produce the strength to compliment your athletic skill in your sport!

From The Coach


Yo! I’m Alberto!

I’m a personal trainer, Dad & co-owner of Level Up Strength Society. I’ve been an athlete as long as I can remember and weight training played a huge role towards improving my strength and athletic performance. My passion is to help other athletes realize their true potential & that they don’t have to live with pain or discomfort.

Also shaping my methodology & perspective in my coaching is the 10 years I’ve committed to martial arts and competitive boxing.

Because of my love for fitness, I dedicated my education & career to the science & art of strength training and athletic performance.

I created bullet proof athlete to give you a full start to finish program that’ll help you bring balance in your athletic abilities so you can crush it in the field.

All things are possible when you trust in the process and give quality effort!

To learn more about Level Up Strength Society, check out this video!