Transform your physique and

elevate your strength!

This STRONG & SOLID program is design to provide structure & the method to get you looking and feeling your best

Are you ready to completely transform your body & reach new levels of strength?

strong & solid

Strength Training Program


6 month, Intermediate Level Strength Training System that uses science-backed methodology to safely & effectively build maximal muscle & strength.

Minimize injury, break through plateaus & create a powerful looking physique!

Building muscle as a beginer is easy, but once you’ve reached intermediate level, you have to begin challenging your body in a different way to continue to see RESULTS.

STRONG & SOLID does just that- Pushes your boundaries using specific strength training techniques that prime your muscles & nervouse system so you can break you through your plateaus & get you the results you want!

Here’s what you’ll get

– 6 months & 3 strategically designed phases of training in our app so you don’t have to lug around paper programs or figure out what to do for your workouts

– Fully detailed workouts in our easy-to-use app so you never have to look up exercise videos again. Clear instructions on how to do each exercise including tempo and rest

– A place to track strength & physique progress in our app so you can stay motivated and continuously reaching for new goals

– Workout at the time that works for you by utilizing our app so you don’t have to conform your schedule to an appointment with a trainer

– Foundational phase that strengthens stabilizing muscles so you’re ready to take on the rest of the program without injury

– Muscle building & strength phases to get you stronger than ever before!

Get strong
& solid

For $150 today

lift smarter and break through your plateau!

This program is designed to target your:

Weaknesses: Workouts include proven methods and exercises to challenge those weak areas so that you break through your plateau and increase your lifting game.

Muscular durability: Time under tension is one of many unique variables added to provide different stimulation throughout each phase of the program so that you keep progressing.

The program will also include:

A starter Nutrition guideline to help you maximize muscle growth & recovery so you can stay strong & fueled throughout the program.

Get help as needed via our group messaging feature in the app so you’re not on your own.


From The Coach

Yo! I’m Alberto!

I’m a personal trainer, Dad & co-owner of Level Up Strength Society. I’ve been an athlete as long as I can remember and weight training played a huge role towards improving my strength and athletic performance. My passion is to help other athletes realize their true potential & that they don’t have to live with pain or discomfort.

Also shaping my methodology & perspective in my coaching is the 10 years I’ve committed to martial arts and competitive boxing.

Because of my love for fitness, I dedicated my education & career to the science & art of strength training and athletic performance.

I created Strong & Solid to give you a full start to finish program that replicates what I would take myself and my personal clients through to build muscle and take their strength to new heights!

All things are possible when you trust in the process and give quality effort!

To learn more about Level Up Strength Society, check out this video!