build a Tone look with

solid curves & lean muscle 

The Toned and Tight program will give you that feminine appeal and customize nutrition

Are you Ready to Get The Curvy Yet Lean Physique You’ve Been Wanting?

Toned & Tight

Strength Training Program


6 Month, Intermediate Level Strength Training System Using Science-backed Methodology to Build Muscle in Just the Right Places & Rev Up Your Metabolism to Create That Lean Physique You Crave!

Are you like Tiffany who knew she needed to build a little muscle to get to the TONED look she wanted but was scared of getting bulky & didn’t know the best workout style to achieve those results?

Building muscle in just the right places for that curvy, yet toned physique is an art. You can’t just do one style of training. It has to be properly progressed and structured to give you the results you want.

Toned & Tight was created to do just that. Take you through just the right workouts, in the right order, to give you shapely arms & legs, and a toned core… then guides you through the next phase of workouts to lean out so you can see the muscles you’ve worked so hard to build!

Here’s what you get

– 6 months of strategically designed app-based strength training workouts so you always go to the gym with a plan & a goal

– Fully detailed workouts in our easy-to-use app so you can get your workout in when it works for YOU

– A place to track your progress in our app so you stay motivated and continuously reaching for new goals

– Demos and instructions for every exercise so you never have to look up exercise videos again

– Clear instructions on how to do each exercise including tempo and rest

– Foundational phase that strengthens stabilizing muscles so you’re ready to take on the rest of the program without injury

– Muscle building & fat burning phases to create the shape & tone you want

– Strength training and conditioning workouts that utilize various  gym equipment or can be done in a well-equipped home gym

Get Toned
& Tight

For $150 today

Build that lean muscle to fire up your metabolism!

This workout program will target your:

Metabolism: To rev up your body’s ability to burn fat with our systematic workouts so that you’ll look and feel great!

Full-body: We strategically hit every muscle fiber in your being to elevate your body’s ability to burn more calories throughout the day so that you’ll achieve that toned and tight look in no time.

You’ll also receive: 

Nutrition guidelines to help you stay fueled & on track but also flexible, because you CAN treat yourself & still reach your goal

Get help as needed via our group messaging feature in the app so you’re not on your own

From The Coach

Hi! I’m Amelia.

I’m a personal trainer, mom & co-owner of Level Up Strength Society. I’ve been training for about 8 years and have competed in bodybuilding but I really just love being strong!

I spent my twenties trying to be smaller, thinner and live up to some cultural ideal, but all I did was hurt my health & feel starved and deprived. But then I fell in love with strength training and the confidence & empowerment it gives you!

So, I’m on a mission to share this with you!

I created Toned & Tight to give you a full start to finish program that replicated what I would take a personal client through to build muscle and shape as well as lean out!

Watch this video for a short interview about me.

For more about Level Up Strength Society – check out this video.